Coldest Places On The Earth To Live

Surviving in cold places can be very hard especially when the temperature goes way below zero degrees. There are a lot of beautiful places on the earth but some of these places receive extreme temperatures. There are days when living on these places is all about survival. To survive in such conditions, humans have to make significant changes to their lifestyle. Well, obviously antarctica is the coldest place on earth. But there are some other inhabited places on earth where it could be very hard to live. The temperature is very extreme and living in these places is very different and difficult. In this post, Kunal Bansal Chandigarh talks about the coldest places to live on the earth. Without further ado, let’s talk about these deadly places.

Verkhoyansk, Russia


It is one of the coldest places to live on the earth. Due to its extreme weather, the place has a very low residency ratio. According to 2011 census, there are only 2893 residents in this cold town. Verkhoyansk dates back to 17th century. It was founded as a fort back in 1638 where it served as a hub in cattle breeding and gold mining. It is almost 1500 miles south of North Pole. It is located 404 miles away from Yakutsk which too is one of the coldest places on the earth. Research says that the average temperature here is – 50.4 degrees F. And the temperature stays this way from October to April. The lowest recorded temperature here according to the locals is – 90 degrees F. Living at this place is very hard. Cell phones do not work here because of the extreme cold weather. For an outsider, living here would be no less than a nightmare.

Denali, USA


Denali is also one of the freezing cold places on the earth. It is considered as the highest peak in USA. Also, it is the coldest mountain on the earth. The place has very cold weather especially during the winter months which bring in a lot of difficulties. Therefore, it is very hard for the residents to live in this place. The average normal temperature in this place is in the range of – 40 degrees F. According to Kunal Bansal Chandigarh, the place is a hell on earth with weather conditions so extreme.

Oymyakon, Russia


Oymyakon is yet another coldest place on the earth. It is also situated in Russia. It has extreme weather conditions. Oymyakon has witnessed a record low of – 90 degrees F. This temperature was recorded on February 6th, 1993. Due to the cold weather, it also has a low residency ratio. But the place is doing pretty good in tourism. The tourism department has promoted the town as the perfect destinations for travelers who seek thrill and adventure. You can get a taste of extreme weather here at this place. Kunal Bansal Chandigarh says that this place is indeed one of the coldest on the earth.

International Falls, Minn.


International Falls is also included in the list of the coldest places to live on the earth. The place only has 9,389 inhabitants according to 2011 census. It is situated on the border of the US and Canada. The temperature here is very extreme and stays below the freezing level for quite some time. You will experience the harsh weather for more than 2 months a year. The place receives 65.5 inches of snowfall every year. Due to the extreme weather conditions, the residency ratio is quite low. Kunal Bansal Chandigarh feels it is one of the coldest places to live on the earth.

Yakutsk, Russia


Another place on the list is the city of Yakutsk. It is also perceived as one of the coldest places on our earth. The city is very popular and renowned. There are a lot of studies that say that the world’s coldest temperature ever recorded outside of Russia was not so far away from Yakutsk. During winters, the temperature averages around – 34 degrees F. The lowest temperature ever recorded at this place is – 81.4 degrees F. If you want to extreme the cold weather of this place, you totally can. Besides, the place also has a lot of museums, theaters, and it even has a zoo. The temperature is freezing cold from September till May.

Vostok Station, Antarctica


Vostok Station is the coldest place on the earth. The lowest ever temperature of – 89.2 degrees Celsius was recorded here. Antarctica doesn’t need any introduction. It is the coldest place on our planet. Vostok Station doesn’t receive any rainfall. Technically, it is no less than a desert. Antarctica receives 90% of the snowfall of our planet. Kunal Bansal Chandigarh says it is the coldest and the most extreme place on our beautiful earth. The continent has the highest elevation of all the continents and it is also the windiest.



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