Why France Is The Most Visited Country In The World?

In 2018, nearly 89 million visitors explored the beautiful sights, sounds, and scent of France, thus defending its title as the most beautiful country in the world. What exactly is it that makes France stand out from the rest of the world? How does it manage to beat every other country and receives the highest number of visitors every year? Well, it should come as no surprise that France is exceptionally beautiful. And there are a number of reasons why travelers prefer going to France more often than any other country. In this post, we will tell you why France is the most visited country in the world.

Capital City is a Gem

Capital City is a gem

That’s right. Paris is the real gem. It is an alluring city that attracts millions of visitors each year. Those who are visiting Paris for the first time finds it so beautiful that they don’t feel like coming back. It is a very romantic city and is perfect for couples. There’s a reason why newly married couples dream of going to this city. Admiring the views of beautiful Eiffel Tower is a dream for many. It is perhaps one of the most beautiful things to do in the world.

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Easy Access

Easy Access

Another reason why a lot of people visits France is easy accessibility. There are 8 countries which have direct access to France. The UK have frequent travel connections over the channel too. Thus, it is very easy for the Europeans to explore the beautiful France within a couple hours of leaving their homes. The flights which connect the cities to towns are very inexpensive. Visitors can travel within the country at a very low cost. Easy access is another reason why France is the most visited country in the world.  

Delicious Food

Delicious French Food

France is renowned for its fine dining but the French gastronomy is an important part of country’s heritage. The people here love food. Whether it is a simple peace of bread or the food from Michelin-starred restaurant, the French people enjoy and respect it. The French Cuisine is enough to satiate your taste buds. French gastronomy is so good that it is included in UNESCO heritage list. Cities like Lyon and Bordeaux are recognized as the gastronomical capital. The country is indeed a paradise for food lovers.

Public Transport

most visited country in the world

Well, France has some of the fastest trains in the world. You can now travel from one corner of the country to another corner in just couple of hours. Bordeaux and Paris are connected by a two-hour journey. That is very fast, right? People working in Paris can now afford to live in Bordeaux thanks to the high-speed trains. In just three hours, people can travel from The City of Lights to Provence. There are extensive train lines throughout the country. Therefore, visitors can now explore the most beautiful areas of the country in a short amount of time. We feel it is yet another reason why France is the most visited country in the world.

Art And Culture

art and culture

French people share a very deep love for art and culture. From iconic Louvre Museum to beautiful Eiffel Tower, there are a lot of things related to art and culture in the country. Visitors who come to visit Paris can witness the beauty of galleries, museums, and even streets. France is a country with an artistic touch. There are many historic sites in the country.

To know more about the French culture, you can visit the world-class museums of the country. The culture here is so diverse. French cultural festivals like Mardi Gras, Tour de France, attract hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. We think it is yet another reason why France is the most visited country in the world.

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