A Complete Guide To Iceland For A Memorable Trip

When we think of traveling, there are a lot of places that we start to picture in our mind. However, it’s not feasible to visit all those places at once. Chances are Iceland is the country on the top of your bucket list. If you’re planning to travel to Iceland, you’ve landed on the right spot. Iceland is by far one of the hottest travel destinations for travelers.

It is the second largest island in Europe after Britain, of course. The island country receives 22 hours of daylight in summers. Some more reasons to visit Iceland in the summer. But don’t you think of ruling out Iceland as a winter destination. So long as you’re dressed nicely to face snowy winds and icy weather, there is a charm in witnessing volcanic landscapes nestled in snow.

Things to do in Iceland

1. Visit Snæfellsjökull National Park

This national park sits on top of the Snæfellsnes Peninsula. It is very popular among tourists for its signature glacier. If the mighty glacier is just not enough to satiate you, there are iconic lava tubes and fields whose views you can admire. The site is home to a wide range of flora and fauna.

If you share a great love for nature, this is the place you can’t afford to miss. You can enjoy whale watching or bird watching. You will see a plethora of coastal species. If you like, you can climb up and walk upon the glacier. The park is fringed with captivating hiking trails.

This is the glacier that was featured in Journey to the Centre of the Earth. You see, it has got some history as well.

Visit Snæfellsjökull National Par

2. Hike in Skaftafell Park

This park is spread across 4,800 square kilometers, and it has some of the most amazing views on earth. Most of its area is covered in black volcanic sands and icy rivers. The ice cap here is very famous. You can hike around this park following a series of the trails. This will eventually take you to sections such as the Black Fall. You will see waterfall here that tumbles over black cliffs.

Don’t be surprised if you find a blue lagoon studded with icebergs. You can take a boat to the waters and watch the spectacular blocks of ice from close.

Hike in Skaftafell Park

3. Bathe in a Thermal Pool

The people in Iceland have been bathing in thermal pools since Viking times. It is a surreal way to spend a dark winter’s day and you ought not to miss it. The Blue Lagoon is the most famous Iceland pools that create a shimmering effect. You can also consider the Myvatn Bath. It is really amazing. Take note that the pool can be unbearably warm in the morning.

The thermal pools are available all over the country. You can ask a local for directions. It feels really amazing to bathe in thermal pools.

Bathe in a Thermal Pool

4. Watch The Northern Lights

You cannot afford to miss The Northern Lights if you ever visit Iceland. It is nature’s wonder when the sky is filled with extraordinarily bright lights.The extreme dark of Iceland’s winter has a lot of perks. Between September and April, Iceland is the best place to observe The Northern Lights. There is no light pollution, so nothing is competing the beautiful view of this wonder.

Hotels are made in such a way that you can enjoy the views of The Northern Lights. You can sit in your hotel room or bathe in a thermal pool and still adore the wonderful views of Aurora Borealis.

Watch The Northern Lights

5. Explore the East

Exploring Iceland’s eastern parts require a long drive or a long sea voyage. But with new flights, you can access these untouched land of jaggy mountains, iconic waterfalls, and black sea beaches. You get the best feeling, and it’s like you’re totally in some other zone.

Head to these parts, and you will see Iceland’s new ‘Golden Circle.’ The place is just like a fairytale, and you will fall in love with Iceland once you get to the wild Eastern Fjords. The place is very colorful, and it can make anyone happy.

Explore the East

6. Hike Landmannalaugar

Landmannalaugar is quite popular among tourists for its spectacular and iconic hiking trails. The hub is situated in the Southern Iceland’s highland. It is situated near the volcano Hekla. If you’re into hiking, you can take in the vivid and beautiful mountains which are so colorful. Vast lava fields in the area are not to be missed.

The most popular trail in Landmannalaugar is Laugavegur. The trek is almost 4 days long, with rugged glaciers, a beautiful waterfall, hot springs and awesome views of the North Atlantic Ocean.

Hike Landmannalaugar

Weather in Iceland

There’s this saying if you don’t like Icelandic weather, wait 15 minutes. Well, there could be times when the weather is not great but mind you, Iceland has different seasons. And all these seasons offer something unique and worthwhile.

Weather in Iceland

Spring, at times, can be quite temperamental. Therefore, it becomes necessary to be on top of weather forecasts, updates, and news about road conditions while you’re roaming around Iceland. A brilliant spring day to a snow blizzard, you should be ready for everything. The days are longer during the springs, and the low sun might create some problems. But it’s a perfect time to visit Iceland. Take some road trips and who knows; they might be the best road trips you ever had.


Summer days are the days of endless light. Some people love the nights while others don’t. Well, we all want to have sun all summer but this doesn’t always happen. You can experience crappy weather which no one likes to call summer days but, wait 15 minutes. You might forget time while the sun is up and before you know it, it is already 3 am in the morning while you’re brain thinks it’s 6 in the evening. Make sure you give your body proper rest before heading off again. The temperature during summer lies between 5 to 25 degrees. Eastern sides get the highest temperatures while north-eastern areas are the coldest. In the highlands, days are very hot and dry while the nights can be cold.


If you want to experience the most dynamic colors in the world, you have to visit Iceland during the Fall. You are definitely going to have the best time of your life if you choose to visit Iceland during the fall. With the changing seasons, everything appears magical. Fall in Iceland is a panacea. You can have a charming experience when weather changes and breathtaking light paints the landscapes in vibrant colors. As the nights get darker, you get to see the northern lights. Watching them in the sky is one of the best feelings in the world. The snow may surprise you for one never knows what happens next in Iceland. All these amazing things make Iceland visit during fall exceptional.


Winter can be such an amazing time to visit Iceland. However, you might have to face challenges. For instance, not everyone knows how to drive in snow. On Southern Iceland, there is no guarantee that you’ll see snow but it can happen and when it does, it is fierce and violent. As you move towards the northern side, chances of getting snow gradually increases.

It is important to stay updated about the weather updates and the latest forecast. Iceland may receive snow in September and it doesn’t go off until May. The Westfjords area gets the most snow.

How To Get To Iceland?

The first question that pops up your head is probably how to get to Iceland. Iceland is located somewhere in the middle between Europe and North America. The best airlines for you to fly to Iceland is:

How To Get To Iceland

WOW is an Icelandic low-cost airline. It flies from Europe and has extended its services in the US. They have a wonderful staff and the airline is a lot of fun. The only thing I don’t like about WOW Air is you’ll be charged for extra luggage.


Icelandair is worth mentioning when it comes to best airlines to visit Iceland. It is one of the most punctual airlines in the world, always on time. They have an awesome route map. Plus, the airline also offers you a free stopover in Iceland for up to seven nights. Thus, it is possible to visit Iceland while you’re traveling across the Atlantic Ocean. What’s more interesting? You can bring some extra luggage on-board without actually paying for it. The atmosphere onboard is great, and they have amazing in-flight entertainment.

Icelandair Air
Delta and few others

There are not so many airlines that offer flights to Iceland. However, some airlines do. Delta Airlines appears in that category as the number 1 contender. It flies from New York. Delta is a popular American staple that offers flights at reasonable prices and good services. Other airlines worth looking at are Vueling, Airberling and Thomas Cook Airlines.

Delta and few others

Budget Iceland Travel Tips

Traveling sometimes can burn a hole in your pocket. These travel tips will help you save money on your trip to Iceland:

Rent a 2 x 2 car instead of renting a 4 x 4. This can help you save money on your car rentals.

  • Avoid going out for eating whenever possible.
  • Visit Iceland during off-season or winter season. Things are a lot expensive during the off-season.
  • Camping is one of the best tips to save money on your trip to Iceland.
  • Always choose an Airbnb over a hotel or you can also choose a hostel.
  • You do not need to bring cash. Credit & debit cards will work fine in Iceland.
  • Fly a budget airline and don’t pay for extras.
  • Book your flight tickets two to three months prior to your departure.
  • Travel with friends, if possible, to split the overall cost.
  • Pack a reusable water bottle and fill from the tap. Do not pay for water.
Budget Iceland Travel Tips

How to Get Around?

People always have doubts about whether they should rent a car in Iceland or not. We always recommend renting a car if your budget allows it. Because then you will have the freedom to explore the places at your own pace. You do not need to lean on anyone. And when we talk about renting a car, it doesn’t have to be a 4 x 4. Driving in Iceland is pretty safe.

Some people do not like driving on their own. Well, do not worry. There are many tours in Iceland that will take you to your favorite places. You can take these amazing tours from Reykjavik to everywhere else.

If you’re looking to save money, you must contemplate hitchhiking. A lot of people do it to get around the island. It is quite popular and safe than you think.

A Ride at the Orlando Eye

Final Words

Iceland is a great place to explore. There are so many beautiful things to see. If you are planning a visit to this Scandinavian country, make sure you do not miss the important places that are mentioned in the post. Moreover, stick to your budget and you will have a great time on your trip. It’s always nice to create fondful memories.

There are a lot of other activities you can enjoy. Make sure you become friends with locals. Not only will you save money, but you will also be able to know about the lesser-known places that will make your trip more worthwhile. That being said, travel also makes you a better and a happy person. Have a great visit.

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